Schuss Boomer Downhill

play HARD ski FAST have FUN

About the Event

Schuss Boomer Downhill

play HARD ski FAST have FUN

Recreational Downhill Race
1984 - 2019
2022 - 2023

The very first Schuss Boomer Downhill did not come off without a hitch.
As a matter of fact it had many.

Adult recreational downhill races, welcoming skiers of all levels, were and still are very rare. In 1984/85, the Ski Smithers Downhill was one of only three held in Canada and eventually led to the only 'Masters' sanctioned downhill ever offered in the series.

Despite the concerns over safety, cost and participation, the Friday night registration party for Sundays' race brought out the best of skiers enthusiasm. And while 2 feet of fresh snow the night before threatened cancelling the first race - volunteers and skier commitment carried it thru.

The Ski Smithers Downhill has grown thru the years. At it's height, participation exceeded 100 competitors per race with skiers from B.C., Alberta and Alaska joining in. Radar speeds topped 105 kph or better and prizes have grown. Yet the underlying success lies with the countless volunteers and organizers enthusiasm and commitment, as well as the adventurous spirit of all levels of skier.

Bring a friend and join in the celebrations of this great recreational ski, snowboard and telemark downhill race. You will have a great experience.

Hudson Bay Mountain Resort - formerly known as Ski & Ride Smithers, Ski Smithers.

The Adventure - A Poem

It's a long way to the bottom, All the old men said,
Standing at the start line with helmets on their head.
Gunter strutted forward, standing tall and firm
The sun glinted on his goggles, and many shrank in turn.
It is the mighty Gunter, Schuss Boomer king I fear,
Austria's greatest hero, full of 'it' and beer.

He flexed his rock hard biceps, the girls looked on in awe,
And on the starters signal he went down the course full bore!
His belly rested on his knees, for comfort some might say
As he began to gain great speed Lord help those in his way.
On the jump he took big air, how high we'll never know
But afterwards for many days, there was a crater in the snow

Down the homeward pitch he sped the finish hut in sight,
He clenched his teeth, held his tuck and 'shooshed' with all his might.
He crossed the line and standing tall he skidded to a halt,
He knew his race was over skied without a fault.
The crowd let out a massive roar, "Waht speed was he they shouted?"
"10k" the timer said and Gunter slowly pouted.

"I vish I hadn't used zat vax, I should have skied on Swix - x"
As Challen scooted down the course and beat him using Rain - x!

Paul Challen

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