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Overall Results

Race Day  on Hudson Bay Mountain
We are working on these overall results, by year since this race began. However, we have some gaps in the data, paricularly for the early years. If you can help us out with information, send to

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published March 18, 2023

Race Times Female

YearFastest TimeName
20001:16.54Claire Challen
20081:20.93Lauren Stuart
20191:21.31Claire Challen
20041:21.75Claire Challen
20131:23.55Claire Challen
20051:24.11Claire Challen
20161:24.42Claire Challen
20121:24.52Claire Challen
20021:26.09Heidi Westfall
20231:26.30Leslie Firstbrook
20061:27.15Erin Havard
20011:27.35Jana Trappl
20171:27.77Claire Challen
20071:28.51Lauren Stuart
20221:28.66Leslie Firstbrook
20091:29.15Lauren Stuart
19881:29.19Kistena Wyatt
20151:29.31Claire Challen
20241:30.10Jessica Hall
20141:30.93Claire Challen
20101:32.29Claire Challen
19931:33.19Tracy Fehr
20031:34.56Heidi Westfall
20111:36.30Bailey Hinchliffe
20181:36.90Sage Murphy

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published March 18, 2023