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Overall Results

Race Day  on Hudson Bay Mountain
We are working on these overall results, by year since this race began. However, we have some gaps in the data, paricularly for the early years. If you can help us out with information, send to

You will be able to view and print the following registration reports

published March 18, 2023

Race Speed Male

YearFastest SpeedName
2002126Eric Person Jim Hinchliffe
1994123Peter Krause
1992122Bill McIntyre
2016122Philippe Bernier
2000117Eric Person
2003116Eric Person
2023116Dillon Prophet
2006116Eric Person Jim Hinchliffe Blair Wind
2019115Jason Oliemens
2001114Eric Person Jim Hinchliffe
2005114Eric Person Blair Wind
2007114Eric Person
2014114Philippe Bernier
2013114Gary Huxtable
2012114Eric Person Jim Hinchliffe
2022113Clay Collingwood
2008113Jim Hinchliffe
2004112Eric Person Tom Havard
2024111Philippe Bernier
2015108Philippe Bernier
2018108Philippe Bernier
1995107Blair Wind
2011106Scott Marko
2010105Jim Hinchliffe
1993104Lorne Buchanan Jim Hinchlife
2017102Clay Collingwood
200994Gary Huxtable

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published March 18, 2023